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You can trust Gary Lane to know horses. He has proven himself on the trail and on the rail.   He has won may recognitions and awards-- and all with sound training practices.  He uses dressage principles to enhance the gaits of the walking horse.

The Myler Ride Team consists of America’s twelve top riders. The Ride Team is selected from Olympic riders, top national endurance riders and main stream clinicians.  The Myler Bit Company was proud to select Gary Lane to represent the gaited horse world teaching a better way of understanding effective communication through proper Bitting and Relaxation.

His most recent awards include the 2009 Three Gait Open Country Pleasure Championship at the first National Walking Horse Association Show in Kentucky.  He also won the Open 2 Gait Men's Country Pleasure at the same show.

Gary Lane was awarded the National Walking Horse Association, Phoenix Award of Honor in recognition of sound training practices and rehabilitations of abused Tennessee Walking Horse.  He was the first recipient of that Award.

The greatest reward for Gary Lane is working with people and horses to achieve the rider's and horse's greatest potential.  As far as Gary is concerned, watching the rider improve and experience the joy of connection and success will always be his greatest legacy..